Making Your Future a Success

Making Your Future a SuccessMaking Your Future a SuccessMaking Your Future a Success

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Spend Management

What is Spend Management

Implementing a structure to remove the uncertainty and potential pitfalls when spending your money. Having this structure in place ensures all your fixed essential bills are covered and separates your disposable income freeing you to enjoy it with confidence.

How to Apply Spending Management

Utilising multiple Bank Accounts allows you to separate the different areas of your spending. 

Account One - Fixed Essentials

This account will receive all your income and be used to pay your fixed essential bills. Refer to your budget to know how much income is required each month to cover these fixed essential bills, any income leftover can be sent to the next account.

Account Two - Disposable Spending

This account gives you the freedom to enjoy your money as the risk of missing any fixed essentials is removed by Account One. Work out how much income you have left after covering your fixed essentials and set-up an automatic transfer to move that amount into this account each month

Add your new Accounts to your Budget Tool to continue building your financial landscape.

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